Sweet Heart Cupcakes ~ from Glorious Treats

I have a strong love for maraschino cherries.  I know they are probably insanely terrible for me with that red dye and all, but…

I’ve been known to eat nearly 1/2 a jar of those bad boys in one sitting.  Yeah, I know.  Gluttonous eh?

I came across this recipe for cutie Valentine cupcakes, or just making them because you have a Mr. Sweetie Pie in your life too?  They are freaking adorable and they have maraschino cherry frosting inside them!  Even better!

Here is the recipe from a fellow blogger on Blogspot.com ~ Glorious Treats



Crazy Feta Dip ~ from How Sweet It Is

Not only does this chick have a great pile of recipes, she’s got a very funny blog!

This dip/ spread sounds so YUM-O!  I’ve gotta share it with you and I’m adding it to our newest category for those in the know…

The 420 Cafe’

Late night snacks and treats for you to craft.


Shoot Your Cuffs!

A seriously underused adornment for men,  in my humble opinion.

Urban Dictionary:
“Shoot Your Cuffs”
A male preening gesture, whereby a man wearing a suit extends both his arms rapidly outwards (i.e. shoot), so that his dress shirt sleeves extend nicely beyond his suit sleeves.