The Beautiful Whimsy ~ Collecting Vintage Wares

Josh & Anna's Livingroom

The Beautiful Whimsy ~ Collecting Vintage Wares

Out of all of the houses I’ve have designed and visited over the years, my favorites still are some of our very good friends. They are not particularly fancy or overly decorated, just comfortable and well… funky! One couple that we know Joshua and Anna, both artists have an amazingly quaint home. It does not have a lot of furnishings or decor to speak of, but what they do have is such a treat for the eyes.

One Sunday morning we had the pleasure of joining them for brunch. Always a fun time! Josh and Anna’s great artistic sense comes through in their ability to blend a varied array of styles seamlessly. Their living room is furnished with Thomas Moser like pieces, all handcrafted by Josh and accented with a few choice modern paintings, also created by Josh. Their walls are painted in gorgeous hues reminiscent of an autumn day in Maine. Their kitchen however, brings you into a different world entirely of old vintage wares and whimsy. Open shelves display their vast collection of what they casually refer to as “old junk” as if to apologize for not having a tidily matching set of chic dinnerware. This “junk” is actually a wonderful feast of mix-and-match glassware from the 50’s-70’s and it’s absolutely FABULOUS!

Our brunch was served on everything from floral pattered plates to bowls with neat commemorative designs… a most memorable time indeed!

Josh & Anna's Kitchen

In decorating my own home, I too love to use a variety of decor to create our own special look. While the furnishings in our home are generally very Asia modern I blend in other style periods, because I just cannot seem to part with them! I have classical paintings from my great grandfather and vintage gilded mirrors, alongside very modern photographs and artwork. Our dinnerware is very basic black and taupe, but I also use my antique platters and serving pieces on a regular basis. My philosophy is, why wait to use it on a special occasion?

When walking through flea markets, antique shops and discount home décor stores I keep a watchful eye open for extraordinary bits and bobs for my own home as well as the homes that I am designing. Tag sales and vintage consignment shops are fun places to shop for unusual lighting, funky shaped tables and warm, fun mirrors. Here is where you can really express your own individual style for discarded treasures, usually for a much more reasonable price.

Vintage Carnival Chalkware Collection

The Mr. and I are great antique enthusiasts and over the years we have acquired some very unusual collections; from our most extensive array of antique sheet music, vintage oilcans and a bright and cheerful circus of 1920’s carnival chalk ware prizes, all of who have been fondly named by our two daughters, Gwyn and Izzy.

While living in Maryland we would frequently travel to Pennsylvania and Ohio to find McCoy and Hull matte Creamware, later made popular by Martha Stewart and lovely illuminated Buzza Motto Prints from the turn of the century. Sometimes a single objet d’art does not make enough of an impact individually, but rather as a grouping of like pieces. All of these pieces, while each uniquely beautiful individually, would not make as great of an impact as they do together as a collection, and the hunt is the most delicious part of it!

Vintage Motto Prints

When starting a collection I have always found to go with what really speaks to me and the design will take shape all on its own.
Your own taste will become your style and it will start with just one single object that you love.

Happy hunting!
Octavia’s Vintage

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