RAD! Caramelized Pork Bánh Mì Sandwiches

Pork Bánh Mì

Sadly living in West Virginia we don’t have a lot of options for good and unique food.  It’s pretty limited to Chinese or some sort of southern style fare.

I adore Thai, Vietnamese, Indian and well… pretty much anything different and full of flavor.

My sister in law came home one day and made these delicious little babies and I was HOOKED!

It’s worth seeking out decent, fresh, crusty rolls and I have to say that we use a picked cucumber (not pickles)  just a cucumber that has a light seasoning of vinegar and spices as well as lightly “pickled” jicama and carrots on ours. Again, they are prepared in a vinegar and then left to pickle for a bit before eating.

I don’t usually get too hot over sandwiches. Most of the time, they are somewhat eh… to me.
These, I ADORE! They are super fresh with bright ingredients and huge flavor! I’d try cooking the meat ahead of time and bringing it to room temperature for ease of preparation. I see a lot of recipes that say to use ground pork, personally I like the tenderloin. It’s better for you and has great flavor.

Don’t forget the fresh cilantro. It makes these sandwiches.



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