“Rigid, the skeleton of habit alone upholds the human frame” ~ Sexy Goth Corset

Nouveau Skeleton Corset by Louise Black

Great and sexy finds from the creative folks on ETSY.  This super unique and cool corset would be fun to wear clubbing or for a totally different ren faire ensemble.

The lace trimmed cameo corset is a Louise Black signature item and has been around since 2004. This underbust corset is constructed from 7 sections of alternating rococo print & stripe canvas, w/ a layer of heavy duck canvas sandwiched between a medieval-print toile canvas lining. The edges and seams are encased in bias tape & lace. This sturdy, under-bust style is more of a decorative corset (not for severe waist reduction/training), but it will pull in your waist a couple inches and give your mid-section a waspy, hour glass appearance.



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