Silly’s ~ Fun, Funky, Fabulous Food! Real Maine

Portland, Maine is an awesome city.  It’s filled with artists and musicians and yeah… super duper good eats! I’ve read that there are more restaurants, per capita in Portland, than any other U.S. city.  Not sure if it’s true, but it’s kinda interesting!

A lot of folks who travel (myself included) want to hang where the real folks are.  I find it very anticlimactic to get to a new town and go to Chili’s or Applebees.  Yuck.

Why anybody would want to spend their hard earned cash on nasty pre~ frozen food, MSG and nitrates is beyond me.

Then there is Silly’s.

Glorious, ‘Fast Abdulla’s’ and falafel that is to die for! Crazy jerk chicken, insanely good milk shakes and mega huge burgers. Oh and all of their sauces, dressings, cakes, pies, breads and rolls etc.  It’s all homemade.

I could spend a day talking about how incredible Silly’s is, but suffice it to say… it’s freaking fantastic! Their menu has grown and grown over the years, but their quality is never, ever lacking.  If you’re vegan, vegetarian, can’t do gluten, want a burger or a huge piece of homemade cake; Silly’s has it all covered.  And the coolest thing (well, one of many) is that they keep it as fresh and local as they can.  They source as many of their items from small, local businesses and they are huge recyclers… including their fryolator oil, which is used to power bio~diesel cars.   That’s pretty cool to me.

It’s got probably the best atmosphere of any restaurant I’ve ever been in and you can tell the staff really love their work.  It’s quite family friendly and there are even games to play while you wait for your food!

If that is not enough reasons to go to Silly’s.  Check out their Elvis shrine.  Yeah, I knew that would get cha’!

Silly’s Restaurant

40 Washington Avenue
Portland, Maine


Winter Hours:
Monday closed
tuesday 11-9
wednesday 11-9
thursday 11-10
friday  11-10
saturday 9am-10 pm
sunday 9 am -9 pm

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