Dax Short and Neat Hair Dressing Pomade Review

This dude is a hoot to read and check out his pomade collection! It’s bananas!

Livin' the High Life

Now I wanted to try a light pomade for once and make a review. I know I sound crazy, but from the wet hair, light pomade technique I learned from therebelrouser.com (which is run by Jan Hella, which is the OG of pomade reviews, all props to him) so I thought maybe the wet hair trick could work with curly hair, so I decided to use Dax Short and Neat, which I found in a Superior grocery store for cheap. I have been looking for the Royal Crown pomade, and Black and White pomade, I found the Black and White, which is in Culver City, which is an hour drive from where I live, and no luck finding the Royal Crown pomade :/ so enough moping around, to the review!
Dax is an amazing company, I’ve used some of they’re products before, but this time I decided to review one…

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