West By God ~ Almost Heaven

Bathroom walls at The Lost Dog Coffee House in Shepherdstown, West Virginia

West By God.

Admit it, I bet you thought this was going to show mountains and maybe rednecks drinking beer with their shirts off.  You got the banjos from Deliverance in your head.  It was actually filmed in Georgia though, not West Virginia as many think.  Or at least I did and was shocked upon watching it again, it was actually Georgia.  Oh well.  It fits, either way. But, I digress.

One of our favorite towns in our area is Shepherdstown.  It’s a funky, hippy~redneck, college town and is an oasis for those of us who lived in culturally saturated areas previously to moving to WV.  We go to Shepherdstown when we need some good coffee, good food and something more than strip malls and big box stores.


Izzy at The Lost Dog Cafe and more Cafe’ bathroom artwork


One of our favorite places to hang is The Blue Moon Cafe’.  It’s got the best backyard patio area with a spring running through it and some pretty okay fresh and local food.  It’s not the most comfortable seating, but the scenery is amazing and unique.  They also have local bands play inside.

The main street through town with all of its old homes.  Shepherdstown is the oldest town in the state, chartered in 1762.


One of the many notes left by Lost Dog customers

A stuffed squirrel holding a cup.  Now THAT’s West Virginian!

I’ve always thought this house was super coolio!  It’s got to be one of the oldest, original homes on German Street

Our two daughters in front of the tiny house.  Inside it’s furnished with bitsy chairs and tables!

West Virginian Punk Rock!

Somewhere around She~Town

West Virgina.  All around one of the nicest places to visit or live.  It’s beautiful beyond words, laid back and has some of the coolest folks I’ve ever met.

Alright, here you go.  Mountains, shirtless dude (actually our friend “E”) drinking on the Potomac with his guitar and his dog Rocky.



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