The Enchanted Forest ~ Maryland’s Ghost Park

B&W Photos by  ~ Opacity

When The Mr. and I were first married we moved to Ellicott City, Maryland from Salem, Massachusetts.  I was out exploring our new town and came across this shopping plaza with the most unusual vintage mascot guarding the gate.  Old King Cole.

The plaza was called The Enchanted Forest.

I remember feeling like I had just found one of the neatest things ever and thinking, “How cool!  I’m so getting groceries here!”

What I did not know what that it was next to the second oldest amusement park in the U.S. The Enchanted Forest.

The Mr. grew up around that area, but apparently had never gone to this park, however his younger sister Meg’s had fond memories of the park in its heyday, prior to its closing in 1988.

Since the park has been closed for years, the crumbling buildings have taken on a whole new life, post fairy tales and Mother Goose. Naturally it has become a hot spot for  curious teenagers and photographers, albeit illegal to enter the park.

The good folks in Ellicott City are trying very hard to preserve what remains of the park.   A lot of the park decorations have been pillaged and sold at auctions, Ebay, and tag sales sadly.  They are trying to recover what they can now, no questions asked.

Opacity has a lovely array of beautifully creepy black and white photos that they took of The Enchanted Forest.   In fact their whole site is pretty amazing.

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