The Lustful Sofa

iFoundyou on ETSY

Today’s sofas don’t evoke too much by the way of romance, sensuality and curvy femininity as do Victorian era pieces. While I love a good, boxy modern piece, there is nothing today that compares to the sexiness and styling of the Victorian period.  It was as if they created furniture, representative of a real woman’s figure, underneath all of her finery.

When I see this piece, I imagine an artist painting his lover outstretched by candlelight.  I also think it would be a superb piece to reupholster in a super funky and bold patterned fabric (or many different fabrics) to give it an ultra Bohem flavor!

Gustave Caillebotte

From the seller iFoundYou

“This is a very handsome Victorian Empire, double scroll end sofa. The wood is mahogany and it is upholstered in a yellow stripe with a laurel wreath motif. There are two round bolster cushions, one at each end. This type of sofa dates 1810 – 1830 and as was typical, features large hand carved paws for feet with carved wings.”

$950.  What a bargain!

5 thoughts on “The Lustful Sofa

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