50 States of Chex

50 States of Chex

I adore Chex Party Mix!!!

No, not that stuff that they’ve recreated, ready made in boxes, at the store.  Yuck.   That is pretty lackluster to me and has a lot of extra chemicals that you’d otherwise never get in the real deal.

I love Chex Mix  homemade, still warm out of the oven with all that spicy goodness, clinging to those crunch bits and nuts!

When we’d go to parties as kids, someone always seemed to make a batch and I’d promptly eat my 60 pound weight in it!  I think as an adult, I’ve made it all of twice, because of that very reason.  I’m pretty certain, either me or The Mr. would eat the entire batch in one sitting.

Okay, not pretty certain.  Definitely.

Yesterday, our daughter Gwyneth found Betty Crocker’s site and sat there reeling off recipes to me as I made dinner. (more of those to follow in later posts).  But, this was one in particular she came across.  While I may not be inclined to do fruity sweet Chex Mix, as I’m partial to the spicy, savory variety… many of these would be fun to make for a family gathering or party.

And it should be noted that if you want to do it organically, Nature’s Path makes a yummy, organic cereal. Check your local co-op or natural food store.  : )


Now, onto the recipes!

Here are 50 varieties of Chex Mix,  One for each U.S. state!


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