Wonderful Wellies

I have always had a thing for Wellington boots on guys and gals.  It’s sorta strange, I know.  It’s probably not a common thing for a gal to fancy a dude wearing big rubber rain boots and honestly, I’ve never seen it in my lifetime for real, with the exception of the men at the fish market.  But, I like it.

I think it hearkens back to my love of Ireland, Scotland and England and the shepherds and lads wearing them with their woolen pants tucked in and their big heavy work coats, the little kids splashing through puddles with their Wellies on and pretty lasses in skirts with their big green boots.  I’m such an incurable romantic.

Wellies, or Wellingtons as they are truly called are making quite the impact in men’s and women’s fashion it seems and while I’ll probably always have a fondness for the simple, traditional black or green Wellies, there are some wicked cute ones coming out.


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