Paris Hilton’s Dog House Could Be Better Than Yours

Paris Hilton Dumb Quote #1:“Wal-Mart… do they like make walls there?”

Years ago I recall reading something about Paris Hilton not knowing what Wal~Mart was and being floored by the statement.  But apparently it was true.  She had not only never been to one, which did not surprise me, but had no idea what it even was!  That was pretty telling as to how Paris lives her day to day life.

Needless to say when I came across this article on her very luxe dog house with a price tag that would rival a nicer four bedroom family home here in the U.S.  I had to share with you.

How the other half lives, indeed.

Paris Hilton’s Dog House Could Be Better Than Yours

“What you are going to read in this post might cause pain, especially if you still value $325,000 as serious money that buys you a real house (instead of a dog-size multi-level house). The crazy house belongs to Paris Hilton and is nestled on her Beverly Hills “palace”, it’s fully furnished with faux designer doggie products from Jimmy Chew, Pawda, Sniffany & Co. and Chewy Vuitton, and houses the blonde’s 17 Chihuahuas and 1 Pomeranian.

Designed by interior decorator Faye Resnick, what’s more interesting is that this 300 sq ft house replicate the heiress’ original house complete with its clay-tile roof with copper gutters, intricate ceiling molding and a crystal chandelier hanging in the bedroom complete with central air. The dogs even have a closet and a downstairs living room which is undeniably better than most people’s wardrobe! What do you think?”

From Freshome Design & Architecture

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