Abandoned Archaeology

When we lived in Ellicott City, Maryland over 16 years ago, I used to walk our dog Lucy daily on this old trolley path called  No. 9 Trolley Trail.  It was gorgeous and scenic.  On this path there was not much more than nature, however there were one or two abandoned houses, which used to intrigue me.  It took me months of walking her to finally approach the houses with camera in hand, to photograph them.  While the quality is not superb… given the years of the photos, here is a bit of what I used to see daily. 

The following black and white photos are mine… the pictures henceforth are other other photographers work of abandoned sites around the U.S.

Our lovely shelter rescue puppy.  Our brindled Boxer dog ‘Lucy” at age 1  ~ circa 1997 on the  No. 9 Trolley Trail Path in Ellicott City, Maryland.                                                                                

R.I.P. ‘Lu~Lu’… you were such a grand companion to us for many years.

The strange thing is that I have no recollection of entering this house to photograph it.  Funny how memories escape you.

I’m sure, the only reason I ever went into it was having the companionship of Lucy.  Otherwise, I’d have never had the courage to do so!

Part of the trail I’d walk or jog daily with Lucy.

The exterior of the house that is abandoned on the trail.  I always wonder who lived in it and their history with the rail.

The following photos are those of other artists around the U.S. of abandoned places.  I find them simultaneously creepy and serene.  Enjoy!


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