$10.00 Concerts Back in the Day & Soundgarden Today – $70.00

Soundgarden releases new album “King Animal”

In my life I have been able to see a lot of really cool bands.  Not only did I get to see these bands, but a lot of them I got to experience in small venues back in New England.  It was phenomenally awesome!!

For a mere ten bucks I saw INXS and REM play more times I can count, staged pressing against my belly, with a crowd of under 150; Michael Hutchence or Michael Stipe less than inches away from me.  I was practically kissing Joe Strummer of The Clash’s feet, in ’84 during their U.S. tour.  These were the days when security was quite lax, or non-existent.  People got crazy drunk, bounced on stage and generally ended up singing a tune with one of the bands.  It was all okay!

My best friend and I went to see The Pretenders in the 80’s, who headlined a show with The Simple Minds (the singer of The Simple Minds, Jim Kerr was Chrissie’s husband at the time).  It was like two great concerts in one night!  Very sweet!  Chrissie puts on one hella show!

The Clash – 1981

I have seen  the B~52’s.  They are super fun and ultra colorful to watch!  The Black Crowes, are a really groovy band to see live with a lot of good energy between the guys.  The Dave Matthews Band we’ve seen a couple of times and they were our oldest daughters very first concert at age 6 months.  Not the best plan, BTW!  We spent the better part of the show in the beer tent because she screeched due to the loud music.

The Mr. and I have seen both TOOL and A Perfect Circle. I highly recommend seeing both if you ever get the chance.  Their singer Maynard James Keenan is one of the most amazing front men, I’ve ever witnessed in my lifetime.  He’s mesmerizing to watch. Truly.

It should also be noted Maynard has a killer winery, Caduceus Cellars.


Maynard James Keenan

The White Stripes were a lot of fun!  We took our two daughters to the show because they were both very much into them. Jack and Meg have a great energy together. And man, can that girl drum!   Incubus was amazing and another really great front man to watch! Our only disappointment with that show was the opening band,  The Strokes, Craig Nicholls’s had a breakdown and cancelled the tour.  They were the real reason we went to the show.  But, Incubus did not disappoint.

Back in Portland, Maine we saw Black Rebel Motorcycle Club in a  small venue that sadly got shut down by the fire department because of a mishap with their smoke machine.  But, I’m sure it would have been a banging show.  And our funny show that we decided to see on a whim after seeing “I Love You Man” too many times was RUSH.   That was a lot of fun and brought back old memories of Jr. High School.

And of course it goes without saying, this old punk rocker gal has seen, countless $5.00 punk shows, from G.G. Allin to 7 Seconds.

G.G. Allin – Yes, he’s even scarier in person, than he looks!

I saw U2 during their Joshua Tree Tour in 1987 , okay, that was $25.00 for the ticket which seemed crazy expensive! LOL!

A religious experience doesn’t even begin to describe what it was like  to watch Bono sing “Running To Stand Still” and “New Years Day.” I wept like a little girl.  To this date,  it remains my favorite concert ever.

U2 – Joshua Tree

A funny note about that U2 concert I have to share…

I’m in a stadium with about 50,000 people.  The opening band has played and is tearing down.  They are doing the last minute set up for U2.

I had heard rumors earlier that Bono had injured his arm due to a bad fall off a stage during practice for his Arizona show.  Then I see a dude walk onto the stage, as the stage hands are still lingering and setting up.  He’s got a sling on his arm. Nobody on stage or in the audience is paying attention to this guy. 

I know who it is immediately!


“IT’S BONO  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

The entire place exploded around me!! 

Boy did I feel special!   ; )

Now onto Soundgarden.

You have got to understand, I went from a very punk rock diet and then transitioned into grunge.  Pretty hardcore.

In the late 80’s, I was working two jobs to support an ex boyfriend’s grunge band as he struggled to make it big in the New England scene.  Which they did.

Going to shows was an everyday experience for me.  We lived, ate and breathed shows and music. I drove back and forth to NYC, Boston, New Hampshire etc. constantly.

So come the end of the day, the idea of going to a concert… well… it generally nauseated me!  Therefore, I missed a ton of the greats as they toured and came to Boston in the late, late 80’s, very early 90’s.  Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam, Stone Temple Pilots, etc.

Pearl Jam

I’ve been listening to Chris Cornell since the very beginning.  When Soundgarden took a hiatus, I figured I’d never get to see them live.  I’ve regretted not going to see them in concert a lot over the years, but remained hopeful that the boys would one day, reunite.

Today, I just read the news that their 2013 tour will begin in our neighboring town of D.C. and while it pains me to pay $70.00 for a concert today, I cannot let this slip by another year!

Yes, it’s a happy day for The Mr. and I!

BTW back in the day The Mr. used to have gobs of  long, curly hair.  It was bananas really.  He used to look strikingly close to Chris Cornell  (*see below photo of Chris in his younger days… )  when I first met him and he got stopped frequently by people asking if he was Chris.  How truly funny!

And yes, I’m a very lucky Mrs.!

I heard one track off the King Animal CD today and was blown away at how good Chris still sounds.  The Mr. has heard the album in its entirety and says that is awesome!  Hopefully, with their tour, they will play some of our old favorites too.

I’ll keep you posted!


Me and The Mr. 1995 at our Handfasting in Salem, Ma.

Soundgarden – King Animal

“Soundgarden, “King Animal” (Loma Vista)It’s only a few seconds into “Been Away Too Long” before any longtime Soundgarden fan, particularly any Seattle one, will shout “Yes!” “King Animal” is the first studio album from the band since 1996, but Kim Thayil’s meaty guitar riff on this song’s start reminds us no grunge band had a more distinct guitar sound. Thayil was the least active Soundgarden member during its 15-year hiatus, but he does not miss a lick here.

And no ’90s Seattle band had a singer with pipes like Chris Cornell. It isn’t until this album’s second song, “Non-State Actor,” that he lets out a scream, but it’s satisfying. Throughout Cornell seems more at ease than on his solo efforts, enough so you wonder why the band broke up.

“A Thousand Days Before” has a “Kashmir”-like feel, while “Halfway There” is a power ballad. Yet most of this album, like the best Soundgarden from its first era, is about thud. And while nothing here matches the majesty of “Black Hole Sun” (what does?), “King Animal” is nonetheless an adept return to form for a band that has been away too long.”

Charles R. Cross, Special to The Seattle Times

Soundgarden – Early 2013 Headlining Tour Dates:

Jan. 18 – Washington, D.C., DAR Constitution Hall
Jan. 19 – Upper Darby, Pa., Tower Theatre
Jan. 20 – Boston, Mass., Orpheum Theatre
Jan. 22 – New York, N.Y., Hammerstein Ballroom / Grand Ballroom
Jan. 23 – New York, N.Y., Hammerstein Ballroom / Grand Ballroom
Jan. 25 – Toronto, Ontario, Sound Academy
Jan. 26 – Toronto, Ontario, Sound Academy
Jan. 27 – Detroit, Mich., The Fillmore Detroit
Jan. 29 – Chicago, Ill., Riviera Theatre
Jan. 30 – Chicago, Ill., Riviera Theatre
Feb. 1 – Milwaukee, Wis., Eagles Ballroom
Feb. 2 – Minneapolis, Minn., The Orpheum Theatre
Feb. 6 – Portland, Ore., Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall
Feb. 7 – Seattle, Wash., Paramount Theatre
Feb. 8 – Seattle, Wash., Paramount Theatre
Feb. 10 – Vancouver, B.C., Queen Elizabeth Theatre
Feb. 12 – Oakland, Calif., Fox Theater
Feb. 13 – Oakland, Calif., Fox Theater
Feb. 15 – Los Angeles, Calif., The Wiltern
Feb. 16 – Los Angeles, Calif., The Wiltern


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