5 Unique Holiday Gift Ideas for Geeks

freeKEY Flexible Water Resistant Keypad

Flexible and water resistant, the freeKEY tucks away into your purse or messenger bag pocket while taking up hardly any room. Along with your iPad, the innovative design of the freeKEY enables it to be used with your iPad 2, new iPad, iPhone, tablet, laptop and more.


Angie Phone/ipod Bag

Angie is a smart little bag because it has a pinch closure just like an old-fashioned coin purse. Slide your phone or ipod in the bag and, lo and behold, it can’t fall out! But pinch the sides of the bag and you have easy access to its contents– it’s a kind of magical experience. There’s a pocket on the reverse side for quick access to, say, a couple of bills and a Metro Card.

The Angie bag can be worn on your wrist–or use the metal snap to attach it to a tote bag or a stroller.

The outer material is 100% recycled polyester fabric (it’s virgin material made from soda bottles and fabric scraps) and the applique is Sensuede, a microsuede made from 54% recycled polyester. The inner fabric is cotton corduroy of our choosing– they vary!


Bacon Wrapping Paper

Wrap your gifts in meat!


Comic Book Billfold

It feels like paper but just try to tear it! This clever billfold is made from Tyvek(R), a synthetic polyethylene material that can be easily printed on. Dynomighty Design has created a line of Tyvek wallets that are sure to raise eyebrows. This wallet has two billfolds and two credit card-sized pockets. Moms take note: Tyvek can be washed should it accidentally be sent through the laundry.


Fear and Loathing in Tatooine

We can’t stop here – this is droid country! This brilliant framed print perfectly mashes up Star Wars and the epic Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas movie, portraying a very drugged out Obi-Wan, Luke, and C-3P0 on their land cruiser evading some droids in pursuit.



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