5 Unique Holiday Gift Ideas for Guys

Hire a Limo and Hit the Town!

Not many people have been in a limo since their prom.  This is something that is super luxe and super fun, but it won’t necessarily be crazy expensive. It runs on average for a luxury vehicle or a stretch limo, about $125. per hour, plus  tip.

Let’s face it, when can you have a nice glass of whiskey, listen to tunes and tool around the town in a luxury vehicle?

Here is my thought… Don’t tell your dude.  Just tell him to “be ready at whenever o’clock and be dressed for ______. But, don’t mention the limo.  Just let it pull up and wow him!

Jeans and a tee shirt, black tie.  Whatever your thing is.  Limo driver don’t care!

Now, the key part here is for you to wear what he likes you to wear.  If he loves seeing you in high heels and a skin tight shimmy dress, well then girl…. go the extra mile.  Hair, nails – the whole nine. This is after all, your gift to HIM. And trust me, he’ll love that.

If you’re in a same sex relationship, the same rules apply.  If he likes to see you in jeans, there you go.  A gorgeous suit… oh yeah! Go get your hair did, and a good, clean shave too.  He wants to see you looking and smelling good!

Just be sure to dress appropriately for wherever you’ll end up.  Club, dinner, drinks.   Or are you just driving around, drinking and getting frisky?

Don’t forget to bring some good music and maybe arrange for snacks too.  The average limo rental is about 3 hours.  Think of the fun you can have!

Oh, and do remember to tip your driver at the end of the night.  It would be rude, not to.

Have a Personal Concert at Your House

If you and your love are music aficionados such as we are, what a cool thing it would be to have your own personal concert in your home.  It does not have to be a string quartet or a harpist; though that would be a cool addition to a lovely private candlelight dinner.   If Bach and Beethoven are not your thing, it could be a few Celtic musicians for an impromptu Irish session with some Bodhrans, fiddles, Uilleann Pipes and  yummy pints of Guinness, or your favorite local rock band in your back yard with your friends and a keg!  Just be sure to invite the neighbors, or deal with angry 5-0 later!  You’ve been forewarned.

Most local musicians are more than happy to have a gig.  Just be sure to negotiate the price ahead of time and pay them AFTER the event.  It’s usually expected by musicians, unless otherwise negotiated.

Make Him Food!

Yes, it’s absolutely true. The way to a mans heart is through his stomach.  So get cooking!

Make him the most amazing, most delicious meal ever.  And make it with love!

I don’t want to hear, “I can’t cook.”

I wasn’t born a cook folks.  I followed recipes and learned how to cook with practice. With today’s YouTube tutorials and recipes on the internet, you have no reason to use that as an excuse.  If you can read and watch TV, you can cook.  Just don’t try to cook some fancy souffle first time through the gate.  Stay elegant and simple and use good ingredients.  If you need ideas, write me and I’ll be happy to give you some recipes for easy to cook, but DELICIOUS food.

Here’s the thing, make sure you have enough time to properly execute this dinner.  It should not be rushed into 1/2 hour after work, when you’re exhausted, before you watch such and such on TV.

This is something that should be well timed and thought out in order to come out well.  Think things through and you’ll have an amazing, great tasting meal for two.

But trust me, make him a good, home-cooked, romantic dinner… minus the distractions of surfing the web, or your cell phone Tweeting and texting.

What an awesome and romantic gift!

Jameson Irish Whiskey

Perhaps, you’re in the majority (like me) and don’t have hundreds to spend on a gift for your guy.

Okay yes, I’m Irish and yes, it’s my favorite.  But, I’ve also tried many more expensive brands to only be lighter in the pocket and very let down.  I have to say, hands down for my $35.00, it’s still the best whiskey for my buck.  It’s smooth.  Not overly caramel tasting.  Just good.  Real good.

Bacon Bourbon Caramel Corn

I don’t even know how to begin to express how fab this caramel corn is.  My sister in law got it for my husband (her bro) for the holidays last year and it was gone in minutes.  It’s a fun, affordable gift for guys or gals!  Order extra or you’ll be mad at me!  Makes for a YUMMY stocking stuffer.



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