5 Unique Holiday Gifts for Grandpa

Rent an RV or Cabin and Go Camping

This would be the perfect get away for just the two of you without having to rough it too much.  A lot of older folks, while they adore camping do not find it much fun sleeping on the cold hard ground and appreciate the comfort of an RV, their own bathroom etc.

If you don’t have your own RV you can easily rent one!  Just be sure to find a campground that has pull through sites, especially if you’re a novice RV driver.  Navigating backing into an RV site…so,  not fun!

If driving a 6 ton truck scares you more than The Shining, keep it simple and rent a furnished rustic cabin in the woods.  Pack some amazing food and just go bond with grandpa.

A CD of a Love Story

Assuming everyone is still well and happily married!

Get your grand mother to tell the story of how she and your grand father met and fell in love.  Record her (audio only, no video) telling the story and burn it to cd.  Make a nice package for the cd with pictures of them and if you can find any, related pictures of the story she told. i.e. if they met on Coney island, incorporate pictures of coney island in your cd “packaging”.

Grab a Rod and Go Fishin’!

Unless your grandfather has a special old “lucky rod” he always uses, check out L.L. Bean for some beautiful rods and give him one as a gift with the promise to actually go together.  Pack a nice gourmet lunch for you both, grab some cold suds or sodas! and head to the lake for a fun day of fishing.

Give the Gift of Music

A lot of older folks still have not gotten into technology quite as much as we have, but a lot of them love to go for walks, or garden to stay healthy and youthful.  An ipod with grandpa’s favorite songs already downloaded onto it would be a super unique and fun gift.  Be sure to show the gent how to work it as well.  Remember those things don’t come as easily to folks who have not grown up with them! And remember if he uses a hearing aid to get him some comfy headphones that are not buds.

A Grandparent’s Legacy

A Grandparent’s Legacy guided journal encourages Grandma and Grandpa to share their life stories with their grandchildren. Each page has thought-provoking questions capturing their fondest memories, wildest dreams, and greatest challenges. Written in their own words, this journal is sure to create special moments with family members. It may also shape their grand-children’s hopes and dreams.


This guided journal has a reminiscing design throughout. Meant to be completed at their own pace, it contains sections such as

  • Who was your favorite all-time teacher and why?
  • What similarities do you see in your children and grandchildren?
  • What are the things you are most glad you tried?
  • What is one of the most difficult choices you ever had to make?
  • Tell us about your first trip by plane, train or ship.

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