Ouija Magic ~ Design Your Own Ouija Board


While I have not touched (with very good reason) a Ouija board for over 30 years, I do find them fascinating.  I shouldn’t say I haven’t touched one, we actually own a couple of antique boards that we use as decorations in my husbands office, but I don’t use them for any reason.

Here is an interesting site that has many boards to choose from or you can design your own!  Kind of a neat conversational gift for someone.  And please gentle readers… don’t use these for real, you never know what is going to come through that you won’t be able to un-do.

“This brightly coloured board has an unusual layout and has Art Deco, Celtic and Indian influences.

The board is constructed from medium density fibre board. The edges are bevelled and the entire board is painted black and finished with several layers of varnish. The base of the board is painted and varnished then has felt pads applied to protect the surface it is placed on.

The board comes complete with matching planchette made of medium density fibre board, it has bevelled edges and it is painted in colours to match the board’s design. It has a felt base so it glides easily over the board’s surface.”




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