‘TIMMAY!’ ~ Handcrafted South Park Christmas Tree Decorations


I have to admit, sometimes I can be such a dumb a@@.  I had NO IDEA how risque this show was and okay, I’ll admit… I let our two pre-teen girls watch it.  Well, it’s a cartoon after all.  You know like The Roadrunner or Mighty Mouse.  So, so, SOOOOO wrong!

I caught a bit of it one night and yes, I was LOL and then it happened.  The dirty stuff started flowing.  And I was horrified I had been okaying the girls to watch this show.  But, they were ten and eleven at the time after all.

However!  For all you South Park fans, here you go… You can decorate your tree with the cute, round (non Mighty Mouse) characters!

“The set includes Stan, Kyle, Kenny, Cartman and Butters.

As a badge they would be perfect for brightening up a coat or jacket for you and four of your friends (or you could wear them all yourself if your jacket is big enough!).

As decorations they would look great hanging on a tree for an alternative to more traditional decorations, or for hanging around the house all year round.

The South Park boys are all hand sewn by me using different coloured felt and stuffing them with polyfibre to give a nice 3D effect.

Each face is approximately 2.5 inches wide and 3 inches high, if you want them as decorations the hanging ribbon is 3.5 inches long. Cartman is a little bit wider at 3.5inches, he needs to lay off the cheesy poofs.”



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