Goin’ South in 2013

Capitol Street

Capitol Street ~ Charleston, West Virginia

Hi friends!

Happy 2013!  First may I say, I’m thrilled to bits that the Mayans were WRONG.  Honestly, I wasn’t worried (well… not much!) I’m glad we’re all still here to ring in another year!  YAY US!   Oh, and just in case you’re still skeptical, my husband said that they unearthed another Mayan calendar that didn’t end in 2012.  So relax! We’re good to go for a bit longer folks!

So as most of you know, we live in the eastern Panhandle of West Virginia and have for about 3 years.  We moved from the mountains of Maine and before that we lived in Portland, Maine and before THAT, Massachusetts, Maryland, Michigan, Indiana and Vermont.  But, I spent about 30 total years living in Portland, Maine and, yes… I do miss Maine and my family immensely.  Portland, Maine has an amazing vibe and cool factor that is hard to beat.


My hometown,  The Old Port ~ Portland, Maine

But, I digress!

So you may ask, “Why then move to the Eastern Panhandle of WV.  Huh?”

You’re wondering why I left my family, friends and the lovely coast of Maine to come to a suburban, bedroom community for D.C.?


Part of our hood,  Spring Mills ~ West Virginia

This is the theme song for our neighborhood! LOL!

All I can say is I came kicking and screaming (yes, literally) and had many a “discussion” about this move with The Mr.  I was less than impressed about this and it’s been the source of many uncomfortable conversations.

I could drag on about the long  list of dislikes I have about living here,  but I would also then be dismissing the numerous finer points of living here.  Like the amazingly great winters and the long dry springs, awesome friends I’ve made, hanging out on the Potomac River on pontoons drinking Yuengling beer, picnics at Antietam Battlefield and visits to our nations capitol.  Hey, you gotta find the silver lining, right?


One of our best WV friends, Eric and their dog Rocky

So I have to admit, the idea of staying here I swore would never cross my lips.

Never say never friends. 

Round about the time I read the 400,000th posting on Facebook from my New England friends about their flu’s, colds, lousy springs and the bitter cold winter weather that lasts for five months, PLUS, the cost of living there is insane.  They don’t coin Maine “Taxation Land” for nothing and the fact that there are warnings that the east coast will be under water in the future, kinda made me rethink moving back.

The way I see it is, I can always summer there.  It’s really the best season anyway!

So late fall I started on my quest to find the best city in West By God for me and my family to move to.  A town that is friendly, quaint, somewhat like Portland, Maine, coffee shops, good markets and walkable.  Phew!  I don’t ask for much!  ; )

After extensive searches, I came across the capitol city of Charleston, WV.  Strangely a place my husband and I had visited about 16 years ago when we were living in Maryland and considering a move to West Virginia!  I do remember it looking and feeling a lot like Portland too!  YAY!

So here’s to a fresh new start in 2013 for the Wilkinson Clan.  Come late spring, early summer I will be writing to you from the Charleston, WV area, where hopefully we will find our little slice of “Almost Heaven” to enjoy what West Virginia is so known for.

Oh, and if anyone lives or has lived in Charleston, WV and can offer some  sense of life there, I’d appreciate it!

Capitol Street Shops

Our new home come early summer of 2013!!  Charleston, WV


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