40 Carrots Serum ~ Liquid Gold Baby!!!!


A couple of weekends ago the Mr. and I were going out for the night.  I went to put on my makeup and felt utterly discouraged at the condition of my skin.  Now, granted it has not seen any amount of sunshine in what feels like ages, but…

I started looking around on Amazon.com to see what’s out there.  Something to brighten, lift or whatever, just make my skin look less haggard please!  I was getting product overload within seconds, but somehow or another I did find this little gem and I have to say, I’m hooked.

I’ve got lines on my forehead that I have had since high school and have used dozens of different lotions and potions.  All of them were just so so and way too greasy.

As I said, this was two weeks ago I bought this and I am astonished at how well this has worked.  My three primary areas I am focusing on are the marionette lines near my mouth.  Apparently an indicator as to which side of your face you lie on at night. I also use it on and around my eyes and my forehead.  Honestly, I wished I had taken before and after photos to see the difference.   But, I can say with 100% truth that my wrinkles definitely have lessened and well, last weekend at the club a twenty something guy did not believe my husband when he asked how old I was!  I can live with that!

Please note that some folks experience irritation with this product.  I’m experiencing nothing uncomfortable, but I have noticed my skin is appearing to look a bit rosier and certainly less ruddy.


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