About Octavia’s Vintage


Octavia’s Vintage is a little bit funky and a little bit rock-n-roll!  We are purveyors of interesting objects, mavens of culinary delights and keepers of the homestead.  Both my husband and I grew up around great home cooking, old time gardens,  flea markets, antique malls and auctions.  It was in our blood, so to speak.

I  was born and raised on the coast of Maine and come from an strong Irish, Danish and English family of lobstering, baking, cooking, farming and homesteading.  Weekends were spent sitting on a stool helping my gram’s and mum roll out biscuits, cookies and breads, picking wild blueberries and harvesting vegetables from my grandpa Kelley’s garden and stopping along the roadside tag sales to find great old wares to re-purpose.


My best guy was born in Vermont and grew up in Maryland.   The southeast is where he got the “rusty gold” fever with attending estate auctions at a very young age with his antique dealer mum.  He started collecting old comic books, Beatles memorabilia, Ouija boards and vintage oil cans while most boys were trading Matchbox cars!


We started our first business, Gaia’s Moon about eleven  years ago in Vermont.  We merchanted at Renaissance Faires, Medieval Faires and metaphysical events all over New England for six years.  Our business was put on hold to raise our two daughters and in 2011 Gaia’s Moon was re-born as Octavia’s Vintage… named after our littlest artist girlie Izzy Octavia, it perfectly describes her and her fun, bohemian and flair.


Have a blast visiting our little part of the world and our ever-changing array of  delicious and yummy recipes, sexy and sassy mid-century ensems or exquisite steampunk finery.  Be sure to check out our other way rockin’ niceties on Ebay and ETSY, perfect for making your pad the coolest and hippest space on your block!

Enjoy and feel free to write us with ideas or cool sites.  We’d love to hear from you!

TWITTER ~ Octavia’s Vintage
Ebay ~ octaviasvintage
ETSY~ Octavias

Peace and love from our family,
Octavia’s Vintage

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