Boston ~ I Heart You!

Hands down the most awesome city ever eva, in my humble opinion ~ Boston, Mass.

It’s the one place I’d trade in all of my homesteading, living off grid dreams and become a true “Southie.”

Boston’s got great bones, amazing and really colorful locals  and some fascinating history.  I love the juxtaposition of the old 1700’s buildings, alongside the newer offices that you find as you explore.  Like the 1700’s Old North Church where Robert Newman, climbed up to the steeple and held two lanterns as a signal from Paul Revere that the British were marching to Lexington and Concord by sea and not by land.


I grew up in southern Maine and given its close proximity to Portland, Maine, I spent so many of my younger years in Boston, hanging out with the local Irish folks at pubs, shopping with my girlies, walking the streets and going to clubs. In many ways it felt like a second home to me and still holds some of the best memories of my youth.  A lovely weekend with the Mr. at the historical and lovely, Park Plaza Hotel,  Comm ave., Lansdowne street, The Rat Club,  Middle East Cafe, Venus De Millo Club, awesome slices at Regina Pizzeria in Faneuil Hall MarketPlace,  traditional New England style lunches at Durgin Park and cocktails with my mum at the Top of the Hub at the Prudential Bldg.

Boston is big enough to feel like a true “big city,” but as you really get to know it, it feels far more warm, accessible and dare I say… small town~ish and I guess that is why to me Boston always feels far more like my city, than NYC ever would.

My ONLY complaint about Boston is that I hope to live long enough to really understand the  f’ckn “T.” (their subway system)   Cuz, man, that thing still confuses the helloutta me!  : )


The famous landmark for navigation, The  Citgo sign and South Boston entrance


My two favorite clubs Middle East Cafe and the Rat


The classically lovely~ Boston Park Plaza and The Black Rose Irish Pub (Ok food but great music!)


Durgin~Park and Top of the Hub at the Prudential


Lansdowne Street and Fenway Park


Highly coveted slices at Pizzeria Regina Quincy Market and the famous Tobin Bridge


The Mr. and I on Lansdowne St. and the Old South Meeting House