Sexy Baroque Hanging Votives ~ Glistening, Nighttime Beauty


Baroque Hanging Votives

I adore candles.  We use them often, day and night.  I like fragrant candles especially, in scents of warm sandalwood, vanilla and musk.  Yummy.  I thought these were absolutely gorgeous and would be lovely grouped in a corner, hanging in a garden.

Dangle a myriad of these overhead to create an ethereal retreat. 4 x 18″.



The Rocking Bed from Shiner

The Mr. and I were discussing this very bed last night as we lie on our traditional mattress.  I asked the question that begged to be asked,

“So could you sleep on a bed that rocked…?  And what about making love?  How do you do “it” with the bed rocking as you are??!”

He and I agreed that while it’s super cool looking, we’re not sure we would find a rocking bed enjoyable, especially with a sleeping partner that may rock it more than you do.

But, since I like to bring you unusual things to peruse, I decided to add this to the repertoire regardless.  The dude is on wordpress so I’m sure you can say hello.  He’s out of Georgia and makes a lot of beautiful things, so you should check out his page.

Now THIS rocker I can get with!

Here is an excerpt from his page:

“What is Shiner?

Joe Manus remembers his first black eye. He was 7, he deserved it, and he wore it like a badge of honor. Ever since, the shiner has become his personal emblem for something tough, dark, and proudly damaged.

Joe applies the manufacturing techniques and brutal aesthetic that earned his reputation for high-end boutiques and nightclubs in Atlanta to his first collection of modern, eco-friendly furnishings. It’s dirty, sexy, clever, and dark. Of course, he names it Shiner.”

The Lustful Sofa

iFoundyou on ETSY

Today’s sofas don’t evoke too much by the way of romance, sensuality and curvy femininity as do Victorian era pieces. While I love a good, boxy modern piece, there is nothing today that compares to the sexiness and styling of the Victorian period.  It was as if they created furniture, representative of a real woman’s figure, underneath all of her finery.

When I see this piece, I imagine an artist painting his lover outstretched by candlelight.  I also think it would be a superb piece to reupholster in a super funky and bold patterned fabric (or many different fabrics) to give it an ultra Bohem flavor!

Gustave Caillebotte

From the seller iFoundYou

“This is a very handsome Victorian Empire, double scroll end sofa. The wood is mahogany and it is upholstered in a yellow stripe with a laurel wreath motif. There are two round bolster cushions, one at each end. This type of sofa dates 1810 – 1830 and as was typical, features large hand carved paws for feet with carved wings.”

$950.  What a bargain!

Pretty In Pink ~ Vintage Atomic Mod Vase

An Exclusive Find From Octavia’s Vintage on Ebay

Adorable and so pretty in pink! Funky and fun, subtle pink mod bud vase perfect for holding a single rose from your beau. Unmarked and in perfect condition. McCoy like.

10 3/8″ tall x 3 1/2″ base

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Vintage Steampunk Bell & Howell Light Bar

Another Exclusive Find From Octavia’s Vintage!

For old photography buffs or industrial Steampunk decor, this cool vintage light bar from Bell & Howell could be used as a super conversation piece for your wall, in your home or business.

It is in perfect shape and works beautifully.
With original box.

Measures 16″ wide
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“Sleep is my lover now…” Gothic Iron Bed ~ The Ultimate in Sexy Sleepwear

I  have always found wrought iron beds, especially the lovely old ones with the super high headboards and intricate scrolling metalwork, to be the ultimate in sexy bedroom furnishings.  Imagine the dreams you could have or make… under this canopy.

This company is still making their iron beds here in the U.S. by hand.  Now that is dreamy!

from $3080.