The Wind in the Willows ~ Handcrafted Bolivian Willow Furniture


I adore weeping willows.  They evoke lovely memories of being a child.  We would hide and play under the soothing cool cover of the willow trees in the summer.  It was if it was a magical outdoor room that was all ours!

I found these incredibly organic pieces at my friends The Victorian Trading Company.  I love the feminine form and movement of them.

Natural, romantic, enduring, and classic.  Each piece is handcrafted by Bolivian artisans.

3 piece set: Loveseat (54x33x43″) Chairs (43x32x32″).


Bohemian Baby!







Lusting for Lusterware


Antiquing yesterday with The Mr. was great fun!  I found a great lot of vintage peach Fire King Lusterware plates, bowls and side plates for just $13.  What a bargain!

Since my old plates have gotten worse for wear, I decided to treat myself to some *new* plates for our new pad.  These little vintage shimmery gems are so pretty!  Originally, I had picked them up to re-sell but when The Mr. said, “Those will be cool in our new place!” I quickly changed my mind to keeping these and starting a new collection!

And so it begins.

Little Miss Embossy Pants ~ Super Cool Embossed Cocktail Napkins


Today while watching HGTV’s Sarah Richardson’s newest show, Sarah’s Holiday Party, she and her sidekick Tommy Smythe were decorating her house for the holidays.

I have to say, out of all of the HGTV designers, I probably enjoy her and her ideas the most.  She’s very creative and always has such avante garde ideas.

For her holiday party instead of paying for embossed napkins, she bought her own embosser and made her own in a few moments!


The great thing about buying your own embosser is that it can be used for years down the road for  cocktail parties, stationary or party favors!

Sexy Baroque Hanging Votives ~ Glistening, Nighttime Beauty


Baroque Hanging Votives

I adore candles.  We use them often, day and night.  I like fragrant candles especially, in scents of warm sandalwood, vanilla and musk.  Yummy.  I thought these were absolutely gorgeous and would be lovely grouped in a corner, hanging in a garden.

Dangle a myriad of these overhead to create an ethereal retreat. 4 x 18″.


re:retro ~ Cool, Kitsch for Holiday Gifting!

Our good friend here on, Edwina from Australia, has a lovely store that I hope you all check out.  re:retro.

She has some of the coolest and most unique vintage wares out there.  Think unique gift giving for the holidays friends, not big box!

A word from Edwina from her blog:

“I am particularly fond of kitsch. Kitsch items are funny, playful and often ironic… and are fantastic to use in contrast to a minimalist, functional furniture setting.

My collection is now too large for me to enjoy it all, and I am reluctantly parting with it. I figure it should be enjoyed by others, so whether you are a collector yourself, or want to start a collection, or want an unusual gift for a friend – email me and we can discuss: I am careful to only collect things that are in good condition and still fit for purpose- if there is any natural wear and tear I will make that clear.”

Glowing Hurricane Glasses ~ Thanksgiving Table Decor

Wrap hurricane glasses in layers of colorful tissue paper to glowing effect: Although it appears there are multiple tints, only one shade is used.

Tools and Materials
Assorted sizes hurricane glasses or similar clear glass cylinders

Tissue paper in assorted colors


Small votive candles

Glowing Hurricane Glasses How-To
1. Cut 4 pieces of 20-by-26-inch tissue paper in half crosswise. Lay flat on a work surface, and make a 1- to 2-inch fold on the bottom of one piece.

2. Make a larger fold in another piece, and fit it into the fold of the first piece of paper. Repeat process with remaining pieces of paper, making some folds thinner and some wider.

3. Wrap around hurricane glasses, and then secure with tape. Place a small votive candle in each. Be sure wick is cut short and doesn’t come in contact with the paper.