Custom~ Double Thumbprint, Heart Necklace


Ah our friends at ETSY.  Such a talented group of artists to discover!

Custom Fingerprint Heart Necklace Jewelry Double Thumbprint Sterling Silver Personalized, We are introducing our newest jewelry that takes two fingerprints puts them on a heart, casting it as one piece and creating a beautiful piece of sterling silver jewelry.

A Great design for a Bride and Groom, Mother or Father and Child, 2 children, friends, sisters, etc.

After you order we send you at our cost a “very simple” mold making kit to take a mold of your fingerprints. We enclose a self addressed stamped envelope to send it back to us. From that mold we are able to make a casting of the fingerprints in sterling silver. We never scrimp on the silver so they are pretty heavy. Then we engrave a name on the back. How cool is that??? Within 6-8 weeks your fingerprint is shipped to you on a beautiful sterling bale, and a 17 inch sterling chain.

This is a forever gift for anyone to wear, child, mother, father, grandfather, grandmother, friend, or wear your own. But the best is for the mother to wear her childs print.
It is an organic look and each one will be different.
Any questions, please let us know.
A velvet pouch is also included.

I’ve posted a piece from this lady before.  See the dog nose pendant @


“Fashions fade, style is eternal.” – Yves Saint Laurent


Okay friends!  Speak up and let me know what you think about men wearing stylish vests casually?  What about a vest like this?!  I think it’s absolutely DIVINE with a capitol D!

The Mr. would looks incredibly sexy with a basic long sleeved shirt, some black jeans and this gem!

Support your local artists on ETSY!  Keep our economy strong!

“Hey! Where’s the cream filling?” Retro Styled Hostess Cupcake Apron


Remember the good old days when a hostess cupcake was the best thing in your lunch box? Good bye tribute to the tasty cake in this snack attack fabric! Yummy hostess cupcakes on a pink background makes your mouth water! This cute fabric is all cotton as well as the solid pink bottom tier and brown waistband and ties. The waist ties are extra long so they may be tied in the front or back. Fun apron for Birthdays, baking, and entertaining. The apron has brown eyelet lace, and pink ric rac around the bib.

Apron measures 27″ at waistband with extra long ties. The apron measures 15″ in length.
Will fit most.

Wash in cool water gentle cycle. Low dryer or line dry.Iron when necessary.

Please note……petticoat is not included with the apron.


Silver Goddess Arm Cuff Jewelry


From another wonderfully artistic ETSY friend!

Silver armlet is Goddess jewelry made for you. Energetic curls represents the happy energy of spring growth in the forest. Armlet is formed by hand, original design by Lady Steel available exclusively on Etsy. Every Goddess needs a nature inspired armlet. Leaf pattern is asymmetrical with one leaf 2 1/4″ x 1 3/4″. After hugging your arm, armlet sprouts two vines, curling to meet their mate. Whole armlet is 2 1/4″ at widest point. Made from Aluminum with hammered reflective accents.



5 Unique Holiday Gift Ideas for Gals

A Night at the Night

Voted as one of the top 10 sexiest hotels in the U.S.

#1 As its name suggests, Night Hotel, a modern and monochrome boutique hotel in New York city features very little light, making this the perfect spot for a romantic rendezvous with a significant other. Guest rooms are cozy and come complete with a copy of the Kama Sutra in the nightstand. Even the walls are covered with erotic art, with one trip adviser noting “The lobby has photos of nearly nude women in masks that aren’t for the prude!” Average nightly rate: $251. (TripAdvisor)

Romantic Dinner for Two

Unless you are an amazing chef, leave the cooking to a pro and hire a personal chef for one night. If you live in an area that does not offer this service, check into local restaurants.  You might be able to hire one of their chefs.

Create a gorgeous menu with the help of your chef, complete with wine pairings, appetizers and dessert. Set a beautiful table, *see Pinterest for ideas and woo that girl all night.

It goes without saying, the babes… while we love them… need to go to grandmas house for the night!

Lingerie from Paris France

Forget V.S. and go straight to the source of sexy lingerie.  What girl would not be wooed by Parisian panties?

Name a Star After Your Gal

I think it would be deliciously romantic if the Mr. named a star after me, or after US!

Your star name will be registered in the Universal Star Catalog’s database featuring hundreds of thousands of stars numerically designated by the world renowned Smithsonian Astrophysical Institute. Each star is copyrighted with its precise stellar coordinates allowing the star recipient, friends, family or anyone – including future generations – to identify the star name and locate the star in the sky using a telescope.

Kama Sutra Honey Dust

There are a lot of intimate products out there, you know… Spencer Gifts variety.  Um, pretty awful tasting.

Having tried more than a few of these overly flavored, sticky and just nasty flavored potions, the whole Kama Sutra line won’t disappoint.  Yummy and so delicious to kiss off your lover.  One of our all time favorites.

Sexy Swinging Custom Made Ladies Trench Coat~ You’ve Gotta See!

This is super cute and in MY FAVORITE COLOR!!!  Which is pretty much my entire wardrobe color!

This guy has some really cool custom duds and really cool prices.  He’s in China, so the delivery time may be a bit long… but please do check him out! Custom clothing for under $100.  Pretty sweet!