“Control the food supply, and you control the people.”


It’s not often I get on my proverbial soapbox and rant about things.

Am I passionate about certain hot issues?  Yes, absolutely.  Especially one of where my food comes from.

Okay, I’ll admit… I don’t always eat organic, or even healthy.   I too have my moments of weakness where I just want something really bad for me.  Like a handful of Lindt truffles perhaps!     : )

But, I do try to stay aware of the origins of the food my family consumes.  We hardly eat any pre~prepared foods and I buy organic when there is a choice.  I choose to live as closely to the earth and our food as possible.

A smart person once told me “You pay now for organic, or pay later with your health.”

I have to agree with that philosophy.  There must be a reason that my family hardly ever gets ill and are generally in very good health, when I see pretty much all of my friends getting sick repeatedly and on some sort of medications for various “ailments.”  Coincidence?  I’d be hard to convince about that one.

Does it cost more?  Of course it does.  But, I personally believe that the benefits, far outweigh the extra cost.

Most people don’t realize that the majority of our produce and foods, are grown from GMO seeds.

But, what exactly are GMO’s?

First let’s look at the lab rats that have been fed a diet of GMO seeds.


“In a recent scientific study, a shocking 70 percent of female rats died prematurely when fed GMOs. Fifty percent of males died early. Almost all of them died from cancer tumors.”  Natural News.com

What are GMOs?
GMOs, or “genetically modified organisms,” are plants or animals created through the gene splicing techniques of biotechnology (also called genetic engineering, or GE). This experimental technology merges DNA from different species, creating unstable combinations of plant, animal, bacterial and viral genes that cannot occur in nature or in traditional crossbreeding.

Virtually all commercial GMOs are engineered to withstand direct application of herbicide and/or to produce an insecticide. Despite biotech industry promises, none of the GMO traits currently on the market offer increased yield, drought tolerance, enhanced nutrition, or any other consumer benefit.

Meanwhile, a growing body of evidence connects GMOs with health problems, environmental damage and violation of farmers’ and consumers’ rights.

Are GMOs safe?
Most developed nations do not consider GMOs to be safe. In nearly 50 countries around the world, including Australia, Japan, and all of the countries in the European Union, there are significant restrictions or outright bans on the production and sale of GMOs. In the U.S., the government has approved GMOs based on studies conducted by the same corporations that created them and profit from their sale. Increasingly, Americans are taking matters into their own hands and choosing to opt out of the GMO experiment.

Are GMOs labeled?
Unfortunately, even though polls consistently show that a significant majority of Americans want to know if the food they’re purchasing contains GMOs, the powerful biotech lobby has succeeded in keeping this information from the public. In the absence of mandatory labeling, the Non-GMO Project was created to give consumers the informed choice they deserve.  Nongmoproject.org


Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/037289_Monsanto_corporations_ethics.html#ixzz2NLGsYIr5



The Wind in the Willows ~ Handcrafted Bolivian Willow Furniture


I adore weeping willows.  They evoke lovely memories of being a child.  We would hide and play under the soothing cool cover of the willow trees in the summer.  It was if it was a magical outdoor room that was all ours!

I found these incredibly organic pieces at my friends The Victorian Trading Company.  I love the feminine form and movement of them.

Natural, romantic, enduring, and classic.  Each piece is handcrafted by Bolivian artisans.

3 piece set: Loveseat (54x33x43″) Chairs (43x32x32″).


Seeds of Change


In the cooler, darker months of winter, I find that I turn to musing over my gardens… Or gardens to be.  I adore reading about raised beds, alternative gardening ideas, landscaping plans, outdoor rooms, herbs, fruit trees and flowers galore!

One of my favorite go to catalogs for lovely, organic, high quality seeds is from Seeds of Change.


5 Unique Holiday Gift Ideas for the Garden

Solar Shoji Lanterns

Japanese-inspired, energy-efficient outdoor lights!  Gorgeous grouped in an outdoor seating area.

Weather resistant and they have an on/off switch!


Victorian Manor Bird House

The Victorian Manor with Bracket Bird House is designed for use by a large variety of backyard birds including Finch, Nuthatch, Downy Woodpecker, Wren, Swallow. Decorative bird houses bring an aesthetic quality to any yard or landscape, and are fully functional and intended for outdoor use.


Adding a touch of Old World charm inside of your home or on a patio table is simple with the Cara Classica Fountain. Water bubbles out of the top of this Grecian flair and overflows over the front of the bust. This cast stone tabletop fountain is very unique and adds a wonderful water sound to any space. Even placed in an office, The Cara Classica Fountain stands at 19 inches tall, and is small enough to fit just about anywere but its design and beauty is sure to make an impression.


Stone Egg Candle Lanterns

Slotted to illuminate in all directions, these oval stone lanterns open so you can insert a tealight or votive candle (not included), depending on the size. The smaller lantern sits securely on a table or rail, while the larger one provides lighting for a pathway or stairs


Sundew ColorSpree Indoor / Outdoor Rug

100% polypropylene for extra durability.


The Mod Gardener ~ Vintage Green Floraline Planter

An Octavia’s Vintage Exclusive On ebay!

Our super cute, vintage sage green speckled Floraline styled planter ready to tuck a little greenery in.  Charming matte goblet, for a uniquely mod planter. Nice and durable, and so awesome!

Unmarked and in perfect condition. No chips, scratches or crazing. Sweet!

9 3/8″ High x 3″ diameter (goblet area diameter)

Visit our shop on ebay ~ Octaviasvintage


Cecelia Water Fountain ~ Pre-Raphaelite Beauty

Water is something we as humans are naturally drawn to.  If there is a lake, stream or ocean, we are quite content to sit for hours looking at it, feeling it, absorbing it.

Sitting quietly and listening to the gentle sounds from softly trickling water is close to heaven to me.  It gives me wonderful visions of the Renaissance period, lovers secret meetings in lush gardens and erotic poetry shared.