Ouija Magic ~ Design Your Own Ouija Board


While I have not touched (with very good reason) a Ouija board for over 30 years, I do find them fascinating.  I shouldn’t say I haven’t touched one, we actually own a couple of antique boards that we use as decorations in my husbands office, but I don’t use them for any reason.

Here is an interesting site that has many boards to choose from or you can design your own!  Kind of a neat conversational gift for someone.  And please gentle readers… don’t use these for real, you never know what is going to come through that you won’t be able to un-do.

“This brightly coloured board has an unusual layout and has Art Deco, Celtic and Indian influences.

The board is constructed from medium density fibre board. The edges are bevelled and the entire board is painted black and finished with several layers of varnish. The base of the board is painted and varnished then has felt pads applied to protect the surface it is placed on.

The board comes complete with matching planchette made of medium density fibre board, it has bevelled edges and it is painted in colours to match the board’s design. It has a felt base so it glides easily over the board’s surface.”



“The muses are ghosts, and sometimes they come uninvited.” My Ghostly Musings & Close Encounters

My folks have a spirit who lives in their 1920’s house in Maine.

I knew as a child that the house was haunted, but it was more of a knowing or vibe rather than anything that would be unquestionably paranormal activity.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had experiences in my life.  You’d be hard pressed to find any older New England home that did not have some sort of history to it and I’m particularly tuned -in when it comes to the other world, always have been.  And yeah, I kinda enjoy it.

In my 20’s I lived in a rental house in Maine, a big old Victorian home… with about 10 or more roommates which had a lovely cat ghost that would come and sit by me.  Upon discovering this cat spirit, I asked my roommates if they had seen a cat ghost.  Sort of thinking maybe I was a bit delusional!

One of my first haunted houses.  This house had the spirit of a cat living in it.

My roommate Rick then began to tell me of a story he had heard from the maintenance guy, of the previous owners having hung their cat in the shower prior to leaving.   The maintenance guy found it, strung up.  Very sad, indeed.

I suppose the cat needed a warm and loving companion and since I brought with me, two cats which were my best friends and familiars,  I was a good candidate as a new “mother” for the ghost cat.  Hopefully, it has since found a surrogate mom to love it.  How very tragic for this little cat to have met its end so unfortunately.

Another place I lived in had a tiny old lady in a long white gown, sounds cliche I know;  who appeared directly in front of me one afternoon when I was home alone. I opened one of the “Jack and Jill” bathroom doors and there she was standing.  I calmly closed the bathroom door and went out on the opposite side.  She was very solid and real and I was glad not to come across her again in my time at this apartment.

Our old flat in Portland, Maine which I was unaware upon moving in, apparently saw the tragic and sudden death of someone I used to hang out with in my life, years prior.  But it should be noted,  for me… honestly, when looking at apartments in Portland, it’s generally hard to dismiss lingering spirits that are around.  Meaning, you know they are there, like the horrid yellow paint color on the walls…. but you’re not always sure in what capacity and how the spirits will manifest themselves.  Sometimes you pass the apartments over, because the feeling is just too thick and uncomfortable and sometimes you resign yourself to co-habitating with them.

I did not feel distress or tension in this flat, just an end.    So, we went ahead and moved in.

A few weeks after moving in, I had the whole scenario playing out like a movie repeatedly in my head.  End of hallway, slumped over body.  “Dave.” End of hallway, slumped over body.  “Dave.”  It was vivid and real, but not scary.  The spirit I was feeling, seemed familiar, young but distant and just plain, sad.

I later found out from a good friend, upon her discovering where we lived she knew more about this place than I did.

” Hey, I used to hang out in this pad all of the time with Dave and ____.

“You know Dave,… you must have known Dave, I know you did!  He was ( so and so from such and such a time in our lives, back in the day) Yeah, he died in the hallway from an O.D. back in like… 199__.”

Dave never felt it necessary to bother us.  We never had anything abnormal happen, beyond my persistent visions in the hall.  We did however catch some cool orbs in some photos of the girls.  Who knows who the orbs belonged to.  It could have been a relative, or maybe it was Dave.

Note the orb in the center between our two girls.  There is no other light coming at us, but I could not say for sure what it is.  Just thought it was interesting!

The current home we live in, while it’s only about 5 years old,  has seen two sad and unfortunate passing’s and we’re certain their kind and gentle spirits linger.

Lights go on and off on their own, generally involving our two little girls who have also been very spiritually connected to the other world throughout their lives.  Computers start up randomly when off for a while, and play music while closed, footsteps on the hardwood floors and my one time of feeling like someone nudged my shoulder when it was just The Mr. and myself, and I know he did not touch me.

All possibly explainable in some realm, but there comes a point where you have to admit, things are seeming unusual at the homestead!

My mum is getting up there in age, but her mind is quite sharp, so I have no reason not to believe her.  They live in the very same house I grew up in and lived in for 18 or so years.  They’ve lived there since 1962 with no problems.

She was in bed late one night and all of the lights were off (aren’t they always in these freakin’ stories?! ) and she heard what she thought was my father coming upstairs after watching the  11:00 p.m. news,  going into the bathroom and turning on the light and the faucet.  When he left the bathroom, she opened her eyes to say hello to him and at the end of her bed was a pretty solid form of a man dressed in an overcoat and bowler hat.

So of course I’ve got a gillion questions for her.  One being why hadn’t she ever told me this story before now! But, I decided to let her off the hook, she gets forgetful sometimes.  She’s sharp, just forgetful!

“Where was daddy??!” I asked her.

“In bed with me!  Asleep!”  She said.

“Well, did you freaking wake him?!” Now visualizing this dude standing there looking at my mom.  Steps away from MY OLD BEDROOM!

She said ” I could not move, Pru!  Then he just vanished.”

“Have you seen him again?!” I asked.


: (

I felt kinda gypped that I lived there for 18 years and never saw anything that scared the poo outta me.

Here are some cool ghost images I found online.  Some I’ve seen before, but they are still very cool.

J.K. Rowling’s Scotland Home For Sale!

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