Custom~ Double Thumbprint, Heart Necklace


Ah our friends at ETSY.  Such a talented group of artists to discover!

Custom Fingerprint Heart Necklace Jewelry Double Thumbprint Sterling Silver Personalized, We are introducing our newest jewelry that takes two fingerprints puts them on a heart, casting it as one piece and creating a beautiful piece of sterling silver jewelry.

A Great design for a Bride and Groom, Mother or Father and Child, 2 children, friends, sisters, etc.

After you order we send you at our cost a “very simple” mold making kit to take a mold of your fingerprints. We enclose a self addressed stamped envelope to send it back to us. From that mold we are able to make a casting of the fingerprints in sterling silver. We never scrimp on the silver so they are pretty heavy. Then we engrave a name on the back. How cool is that??? Within 6-8 weeks your fingerprint is shipped to you on a beautiful sterling bale, and a 17 inch sterling chain.

This is a forever gift for anyone to wear, child, mother, father, grandfather, grandmother, friend, or wear your own. But the best is for the mother to wear her childs print.
It is an organic look and each one will be different.
Any questions, please let us know.
A velvet pouch is also included.

I’ve posted a piece from this lady before.  See the dog nose pendant @


One Love ~ Couple Married 72 Years Dies Holding Hands

Follow this link for news story:

Couple Married 72 Years Dies Holding Hands | KCCI Home – KCCI Home.

Having been happily married for over 18 years to The Mr. and knowing sadly how few partnerships last,  I so appreciate seeing older couples and hearing their stories about how long they have been together. Seeing their deep, lasting love that far surpasses anything that can be portrayed in movies or novels.

The other day I was going into the grocers and saw a sweet elderly couple holding hands as they walked through the store and I could not resist asking them how long they had been together and to tell them how much I loved that they still held hands.


They had been married for over 60 years and the lovely gal said “We always hold hands.”  ❤

Sweet Heart Cupcakes ~ from Glorious Treats

I have a strong love for maraschino cherries.  I know they are probably insanely terrible for me with that red dye and all, but…

I’ve been known to eat nearly 1/2 a jar of those bad boys in one sitting.  Yeah, I know.  Gluttonous eh?

I came across this recipe for cutie Valentine cupcakes, or just making them because you have a Mr. Sweetie Pie in your life too?  They are freaking adorable and they have maraschino cherry frosting inside them!  Even better!

Here is the recipe from a fellow blogger on ~ Glorious Treats