Unseen Portland ~ Portland Maine Stripped of Pretense

I miss home.  Well, my true home.  Portland, Maine.

So I find myself frequently perusing sites that have photography of Portland to make me feel a bit closer to my friends and family and my roots.

Today, I came across this site and found myself looking through 100 pages of Portland photos.  Many of the places and graffiti I recognize and it made me laugh.  Even if you’re not from there, I’m sure you’ll find some things to make you smile.  Enjoy.


Seth Snap Oversized Wall Calendar Seth Snap

Absolutely lovely work from one of our own guys on WordPress.com Sethsnap!  His photography is deliciously colored and just makes you feel like you’re there… or wish you were!  Remember the holidays are right around the corner!!

Buy local folks and keep our economy strong.

Seth Snap Oversized Wall Calendar Seth Snap.

Nicolas Cage is a Vampire!

Diabolus has some of the coolest, scariest and creepiest photos I’ve seen in one collection.  This one is might not be Nick or even  Nicks great grandfather, but the resemblance is truly uncanny!

For the cost of a house, it can be yours!



Vintage Steampunk Bell & Howell Light Bar

Another Exclusive Find From Octavia’s Vintage!

For old photography buffs or industrial Steampunk decor, this cool vintage light bar from Bell & Howell could be used as a super conversation piece for your wall, in your home or business.

It is in perfect shape and works beautifully.
With original box.

Measures 16″ wide
If you have any questions, feel fee to contact us. We’d love to help.

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