Victorian Misfit Gown


The trains all stopped dead in their tracks as she walked by…stunning, breathtaking and with devious intentions. Born of another time, lost in this world, she is a misfit.The Misfit Gown is deep blood red satin, covered with a net and lace overdress. The overdress is adorned with black lace, ribbon and sequins. This fitted A-line dress gives you a glamorous statuesque figure, while not being impossible to wear, accentuating the bust and hemline, while distracting from the hips and tummy. Dress has spaghetti straps and a side zipper.

This is a dress that is truly to die for…


The Corset: A Cultural History

The Corset: A Cultural History
A fascinating read! Valerie Steele, curator at Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology, takes on the most controversial item of clothing, challenging the popular view that corset-wearing women were merely victims of fashion. Hundreds of lavish color fashion photos, fine art, illustrations and intriguing text provide entertaining visual evidence for Steele’s scholarship. Softcover. 199 pages. 11 x 9″.


May the Odds Be Ever In Your Favour ~ Hunger Games Equestrian Corseted Wedding Dress

Our wee lasses are total Hunger Games fanatics.  So much so that our youngest went dressed as a member of the Capitol for Halloween last evening.  *See gratuitous photo of her below!

One of my favorite ETSY designers is KMKDesigns.  They make the most delicious Gothic styled clothing that while it may be a bit fancy to tool around West Virginia in, it sure would be fun to try it out and see the reactions at the grocery store!

In all seriousness, KMK Designs are outstanding and actually quite affordable.  Have you watched Say Yes to the Dress, on TLC?  You won’t see anything this cool on there, and for only $875.  It’s a steal!


Our youngest girl, Izzy Octavia in her Hunger Games costume! (Now you see where the store name came from too!)

The Perfect Dress Shirt

I am sort of torn about what I prefer a guy to wear.  Do I love jeans and tee shirts on “The Mr.?”  Yes.  Love that!   But there is something so incredibly sexy when my guy puts on one of his dress shirts too., especially his deep purple one!  Oooh~ la ~la!

I’ve noticed though that not a lot of men’s shirts really fit “The Mr.” well.  He usually ends up with his sleeves being about 1 1/2″ too short on his dress shirts.  He’s a tall dude.

Imagine being able to get exactly the shirt that you want, in your size, custom tailored for you?

For about $100 ShirtsMyWay will create the shirt of your dreams.  They have a huge array of lovely fabrics and styles and you can get French cuffs!!!  Double Oooh ~la ~la!